Which Business Tasks Can You Outsource?

Many businesses have opened their doors to outsourcing companies in the Philippines as they have realized the positive impact these companies can do for their business’ growth and development

The Philippines is one of the top 10 best outsourcing countries as ranked by two different consulting firms. It got the 7th place on the “2016 A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index Top 20” and the “2015 Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations” (2nd place for Manila and 8th place for Cebu City).

After identifying where you can find top outsourcing companies, the next thing you should decide is which part of your business you can outsource. We have a sample list below that you may want to consider:

Social Media

If your company is not yet into social media, you’re missing out on one of the affordable and attested business marketing strategies. Granting posting content can be scheduled, creating it is the time-consuming process. You need to think of fresh and unique ideas on a regular basis to get your audience hooked.

Besides content creation, it is best to have a dedicated team that could handle the odd hours because according to Fast Company, “weekends and holidays are some of the busiest times in terms of social engagement,” the site explains. A company that operates only on weekdays on an eight-to-five work schedule cannot do that.

In addition, having extensive social media experience is terribly underrated. With the multiple clients a social media marketing company has, they are quite familiar which digital marketing strategies could make or break your business. For example, they know which channel suits your business and they know how to use it to its full potential. They are also in tune to the ever-changing social media pulse. They’ve been there countless of times. Let the experts do it.

Website Hosting Support

How will you react if you receive a message like this?

not found page

You’ll be unhappy and that unhappiness will lead to paranoia especially if this should be, for example, on a bank’s website. Your credibility could be questioned if your website is always down. As Entreprenuer says, “your website is your home.” It should be readily accessible to those who want to know your brand more.

Unfortunately, not all entrepreneurs are jack-of-all-trades and web hosting requires in-depth IT technical skills. Outsourced website support has access to the latest technologies and software, solid IT infrastructure and security, and hardware equipment and they’ll use it for your website so you won’t need to make your own purchase. You don’t need to spend money in building and maintaining because the outsourcing company you have chosen has the resources and a pool of highly-skilled staff to do all of it.

SEO Marketing

It takes time to be on the top of the first page of search results. You can’t do it overnight so you have to painstakingly do continuous on-page and off-page optimization to get there. There is no ‘magic bullet.’ Trial-and-error process, experimenting and hocus-pocus are out of the equation and a miniscule mistake may lead to your website being penalized, the worst of these penalties being that you’re company’s website is going to be banned from search engines like Google or Yahoo.

In SEO marketing, you have to juggle creating web content, designing your webpage, creating inbound and outbound links, Meta tags, track on-site visitors and conduct keyword study. This also includes checking from time to time if your SEO efforts have paid off. Hiring a single in-house employee is not enough because the bulk of these tasks require a two-to three-man team to execute it. Else, your website won’t be searchable at all.

If you hire an SEO outsourcing company, your SEO campaign can start right away. You can attend or focus on much more important profit-generating endeavors.

Content Marketing

‘Content is King’ especially when it comes to digital marketing. If you’re unable to keep up with the competition, you will be left behind and be forever lacking of online presence.

MarketingSherpa says “93% of brand marketers plan to maintain or increase their budget for content marketing in the coming year” because they do believe they could “build brand awareness and positive image” thru creating quality content. That’s how important content marketing is.

But what does it takes to build an operational content marketing strategy? First, you need someone to do it. According to Quick Sprout, this is what an ideal content marketing team should look like:

content management

If anyone in your company simultaneously possesses two to three of the skillsets above, you don’t have to hire for outside help. However, their attention could be divided as they need to attend to their original tasks as well. Furthermore, the site shares the challenges you’re going to encounter to have a successful content marketing such as producing engaging content, creating enough content, and budgeting to produce content being on the top three.

content challenge.jpg

Data Entry

This type of job requires only two things: great attention to detail and superb speed typing skills. The downside is it is a laborious and repetitive activity. A blog article in Bidsketch tells that repetitive tasks such as data entry could be outsourced.

Hiring an outsourcing company can save you from the burden of recruiting, training and hiring a new employee. You’re also free from the obligation of providing the basic salary, taxes and benefits of each employee. If you choose to outsource data entry, you only have to pay based on how much time was rendered.

In the long run, outsourcing gives you the leverage and competitive edge from your rivals. Always remember the most important lesson an entrepreneur must learn is delegation. Exercise this by letting BPO companies handle your auxiliary services so you can concentrate on your core competencies.



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